About Project Grounghog

Who runs Project Groundhog?
Bill Jameson Hi, my name is Bill and I teach Grade 1.  Project Groundhog started back in 1994 by a group of 7 Newfoundland teachers attending a conference.  We were all trying to figure out what to to with this new thing called the World Wide Web (anyone remember what the Internet looked like in 1994??).  Between the laughs and beverages, Project Groundog was born!  The project in 1994 was based on email between 7 teachers.  Today, we have evolved to a data project mainly in the USA and Canada, but anyone anywhere is welcome to join us @ www.projectgroundhog.net.
Project Groundhog is for teachers and kids of all ages. Public, Private, Home Schoolers, welcome one and all. Participants engage in meaningful, curriculum based inquiry using the Internet as a means to connect and exchange information. The project is coordinated by Bill Jameson, and is supported by the amazing folks at CDLI and is available to anyone, everywhere in the world! If you need to contact me, I can be reached at: projectgroundhog@gmail.com from Jan-March, otherwise at williamjameson3@gmail.com

How Does it Work?
Project Groundhog is about finding out if a groundhog predicting an early spring or extended winter is myth or truth. For the six weeks following Groundhog Day, February 2nd,  you will record the daily temperature and sky conditions in your area. The information collected is shared weekly with the participating schools via email and the Project Groundhog website.  Oh yeah, if school is closed for weather you record that too.... we love SNOW DAYS!!!

How Do I Participate?
If you are interested in participating in Project Groundhog, please register online using the Register link off the main page. As with any good online project, 90% of the learning takes place with you... offline. If you decide to participate in Project Groundhog, resources are available Online Project Guide in the Teacher section of the website.


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